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OCEG Training Courses

We offer English or Korean language certification training for the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Professional (GRCP), in one day (6 hours of lectures, with 3 breaks) live in-person or online formats.  The Agenda is as follows, for both formats:

Morning Session (10am)

  • Introduction to the GRC Capability Model (the "Red Book"), OCEG and materials, including an overview of the website, readings and references.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC): Integrated Concepts and Use Cases, for Corporate Systems and Capacity Building.


(30 minute Break at 11am)


  • Introduction to Corporate Governance: "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and Why It Matters.

  • Culture and Stakeholder Theories of Corporate Governance: The Agency Problem and how it is managed in various organizations.

  • Introduction to Risk Management.

  • Introduction to Compliance.

  • Compliance with Governance Policies and Procedures.

  • Non-Compliance Impact on Business.


(1 hour Lunch at 1pm)


Afternoon Session (2pm)


  • GRC Maturity Model & Total Performance Model.

  • GRC Model Components and Context.

  • The Fundamental Importance of the Learn Elements.

  • Aligning the GRC Model.


(30 minute Break at 4pm)


  • Implementing the GRC Model.

  • Reviewing the GRC Model.

  • GRCP Exam Preparation.

  • Review and Feedback.

Ends at 6pm.

For an individual GRCP Certification Workshop, live in Seoul or online elsewhere, we provide 6 hours of lectures in one day, by appointment and the per-person cost would be U$2,000 plus VAT if applicable, inclusive of your first year’s All Access Pass (AAP) to the site.  This covers the materials that are also covered in the online classes offered at but in a focused format with practical guidance and use notes, as well.  


This course is designed for practitioners and is tailored to each Client, depending on roles and needs.  


82(10) 3280 8204


Seoul, Korea or Online

Discounted Group Rates are available:

> 2 Participants:  U$1,800 plus VAT, per person

> 5 Participants:  U$1,700 plus VAT, per person

>10 Participants: U$1,600 plus VAT, per person

>20 Participants: U$1,550 plus VAT, per person

Inclusive of the first year’s All Access Pass (AAP)

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